We realize there are other information services out there, many of which are unsuccesfully attempting to copy the FoxSheets service or StatFox name. Some services try to wow you with pretty graphics, but in the end you realize that it was put together by math geeks with no understanding of how to handicap a game! Others try to pass inferior stat, trend, and system information off onto their clients as FoxSheet equivalent. In reality, they are nothing more than common pieces of information that can be found in any morning paper! (And you can bet the oddsmakers have already found them first!) Most importantly, there is no other service that covers all handicapping angles like the FoxSheets do. Using the FoxSheets, you will have access to all the key information for every game. The FoxSheets and StatFox have become the benchmark against which all others are compared.

To summarize, the FoxSheet's value advantage over the competition is significant.

  • The most accurate game simulator publicly available, time tested for over 2 decades.
  • The most advanced handicapping situations with successful performance records.
  • The most comprehensive trend library, presented in an easy to read fashion.
  • Comprehensive coverage of exotic wagers such as money lines, first half lines, teasers, and run lines.
  • Convenient filtering allowing subscribers access to the very best handicapping information in a quick and easy format.
  • Coverage of all games for ten major sports! You are not limited to top 25 or TV games like other services.
  • The most diverse method of handicapping, covering all the key angles. Instead of the single-minded approach doomed for failure that many of our competitors offer.

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